Vardan Gevorg Devrikyan

Doctor of Philology

Vardan Devrikyan

Vardan Gevorg Devrikyan- born on March 18, 1964 in Kirovakan (nowadays Vanadzor).
1971-1981 – studied at the secondary N 21 after Shirvanzade in Yerevan.
1981-1986- studied at Yerevan State University in the philological faculty.
1986-1988- studied as a post-graduate student at Yerevan State University in the department of Armenian philology.
1989 January - worked at Matenadaran Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after M. Mashtots.
In 1996 defended the candidate dissertation on the theme of “Ghevond Alishan and The Ancient Armenian Literature” and received the scientific degree of the Candidate of sciences.
The field of research is Armenian Medieval Literature and especially Armenian Medieval Poetry.
V. Devrikayan initiates the international connections of the Armenian medieval literature.
In the Institute of Literature V. Devrikyan undertook the work of the collection named “On the 5th to 18th centuries Armenian sources about European countries” where information and description of the Armenian sources about different European countries are represented. Form historical cultural viewpoint such work illustrates Europe and the image of European different countries according to Armenian collective perception.
V. Devrikyan is the author of more than 30 books and 50 articles, which were published in Armenian, English, Russian, French and Romanian (the list of publications see in the publication catalog of the Institute).
In 2013 defended the doctorate dissertation on the theme of “Armenian Medieval Treasures and “Gandzaran” Collection” and received the scientific degree Doctor of Sciences.
1993-2004 worked at Mother See of Holy Etchimadzin.
1993-1999 - worked as the vice-editor of “Etchmiadzin” journal, and in 2002-2009 worked as the editor, 1997-2009 was the head of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin Manuscript department.
From 2009 till now works at the Institute of Literature after M. Abeghyan of NAS RA, first as a senior scientific researcher in the department of the ancient Armenian literature, then as the head of the department and in 2009 December as the vice-head of the Institute.
In 2015 May he was chosen as the head of the Institute.
Married and has a daughter.